Thursday, March 18, 2010

Umm.. yay!

So I had my coaching today and I was down 3 pounds and 6 inches!  Okay, 5.75 but who's counting?  LOL
Not too shabby for one week!  I am hoping for similar results next time.  Thursday, I leave for Gettysburg with my buddy Erin for our adventure with the Paranormal State group.  I'm really excited!  That's it for now.  I've been gone all day and I have a couple of things to do....


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  1. Just incase you didnt check you other blog...Christina,
    Thank you so very much for your comment on my last post. That is sooo very awesome that your husband has worked there for 20+ years. Talk about job security!!! :)
    It seems that all of the commenters have turned my post into a Walmart bashing section, which is not what my questions was. My question was about saving money. I was just sharing my experience(which just so happened to have all of those things happen in one shopping trip)..because I thought it was a funny story to tell. Well, at least my sister laughed when I told her. I personally in no way was bashing luck must have been stacked against me that day anyway because my son got pink eye that day too!!!!! I will continue to shop at Walmart for my household items..cause they really do save me a ton of $. I will have to call around to actually see which Walmart in the area carries organic meats. There is a new Super Walmart about 10 miles away from me that I hear is a supposed "green" Walmart. So maybe they might have a bigger selection. Thanks again for your comment!!!
    And your banana pancakes sound yum-a-licious!!!
    Good luck on your weight loss. Cant they make some magic pill???? I would be lined up to take it..thats for sure!!! lol