Monday, March 15, 2010

Plugging along....

I am really doing super this week.  I'm down to 206.5, which is 1/2 a pound less than what I was at my lowest.  Yay!  I've also started food journaling again.  I'll see Judi on Thursday for weight/measurement/coaching.  In about 5 weeks, I'll have to have blood work done to check my liver function since I am now on the Statin medication.  Then, in 3 months, we will check the lipid panels and HBA1c again to make sure that everything is checking out.  I've made it to the gym 3x this week so far.  My arms have to be the weakest part of my body.  They are so sore. 

Today, I made an awesome smoothie.  It was as good as having some ice cream. 

agave nectar
protein powder
vanilla soy milk

1 comment:

  1. How do you get your smoothies so smooth? I can not get all the ice to blend. Maybe I am putting in too much?