Monday, October 5, 2009

10.5.09 Day 11 ! - feeling better - now I can't get full again. Vicious cycle.

Meal #1
1/2 whole wheat pita
FF swiss cheese slice
Lettuce, tomato

Meal #2
Grilled chicken breast
FF swiss cheese slice
sauteed peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic in olive oil
steamed broccoli

handful pretzel sticks
SF fudgecicle
Rice krispy treat - I know - I can't make them again
Frozen berries w/ 30 calories worth Cool Whip Free

Some pics from today...  Look at these giant 'shrooms

And my ridiculous fridge.... *sigh*  I am finding this to be
* time consuming
* expensive
* taking up a ton of space

I know that it'll be worth it...  but it's been hard work!  I can't get one more thing in there.

I am also a food hoarder... We could probably live off of my "stock" (fridge, 2 freezers, pantry, top of cabinets in kitchen & 2 shelving units full) for a few months.  Having to have this much "fresh" food is throwing me for a loop. 

On the sleeping front... even with Ambien, I was up til 4:30 this morning.  I got Avery up and on the bus at 8:15 and then went back to sleep til about 1:30.  I have to get out of this sleep pattern.  I guess it won't be too bad when Dave has to go to midnights (which will last a few months).  Kim and I are going to start walking as soon as we can both be well.  That will feel great and will be an "appointment" that I have to get out of bed for at a certain time.  Wonderful!!! 

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