Monday, May 23, 2011

Wellness Bridge - Day 1

I went to see Judi today.  It's exciting starting on this road to health again.  I haven't seen her since the foster kids came (October 2010).  There's no way I could've done this emotionally, physically, or logistically until now.  I love that seeing her is like seeing a friend.  I'm dehydrated, constipated, and just a mess on top of being sick and some other things...  The lack-of-gallbladder and what it's done for me, specifically, complicates things.  I am a few pounds lighter than last time and we made some goals for this week. 

  • Cut back on all soda consumption
  • Cut out the sports drinks (gatorade/power ade) all together
  • Fiber, fiber, fiber
  • Good protein
I still have 'stuff' going on... always will... but I am more ready now than I have been for months. 

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