Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So much for the "spill proof" snack cup....

.... and I don't care.  She had fun.  That's all that matters.  My baby genius figured it out.  I guess you could say that I've become more easy going now by kids #5 and #6.  I sure hope so.  If they remember anything about their time with us, I'd want it to be that they were loved beyond measure, safe, and they had fun, while still learning to be kind, loving people.  They are AH-MAZING!

We're preparing for baby pumpkin's birthday party.  It's very soon!  It's such an honor to be doing this for her.  It will be pink and princess and cupcake-y!  I hope that she'll surprise everyone and walk while she's there.  We're SO close.  ,

Big-ger pumpkin is taking his nap.  How he needs his rest!  It's been an emotional few days.  I have to acknowledge that while this has been one of the most rewarding things we've ever done, it's also been one of THE hardest thing we've ever done.  You have to do it with your whole heart.  You owe that to them.  We l-o-v-e them.  Big time.  We know that it will most likely come to an end someday.  We will try to prepare for that....  How do you ever prepare for that?!  I recently asked another seasoned foster parent how you get through it....  She said it's awful, it's horrible, it never gets easier, but you just move forward and you do it for the kids.  I know that's what we'll do.  Having been a surrogate mother twice, having carried other peoples' children in my body and then proudly sent them home, we somehow thought that it would make all of this "fostering stuff" easier.  It doesn't.  It's so different when you are actually parenting the children.  The bond is much more different and much more intense.  I felt protective of those babies while they were in my body and would do anything for them....  This feeling is different.  They are more real, looking into their little faces every day.  

We'll do whatever it takes.....  with unconditional love, kindness, empathy, devotion, grace, understanding, and patience....

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  1. I totally understand where you are coming from as we, too, are growing our own little "pumpkin patch" with our first foster placement. We have three lil' pumpkins, all currently under age 3. Tiny Pumpkin came to us fresh from the hospital. There is no way we will ever stop loving them, even when the day comes that we can send them home. Our hope is to maintain a good relationship with their parents, which will maybe allow us to continue to be a part of their lives.