Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 5 - 9.29.09

Still sick.  Seems to be getting worse.  Went back to sleep after the kids got on the bus.  This really stinks!

Meal #1

1 whole wheat sandwich round
1/2 c. chicken salad (shredded chicken breast, lite miracle whip, cranberry/pecan salad topping, salt, pepper, paprika)
Romaine lettuce
Black Grapes
1 lt. string cheese

Due to bad planning on my part, Meal #2 was a plain hamburger & a diet Coke from McDonald's.  I left the house starving to head to my Dr appt.  I feel SO awful.  They gave me a new antibiotic - Levaquin.

Meal #3  - my wonderful husband made me some scrambled eggs (tomato, spinach, mushrooms, onions) and hash browns.  Yummy!  I'm finding that I am liking repeating these meals.  

Tomorrow is my Wellness Bridge appt.  After I go, I'll decide if I want to stick with it.  I'm going to get a shower and lie down.  I'm feeling fevered again.  G'night.

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